Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth star in Thor: Love and Thunder, aka the Thor movie where two Thors fall in love!

Inspired by how she gave up her own life for Asgard and the rest of the universe, Gorr asks Eternity to bring his daughter back from the dead

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ credits scenes explained: Who are the new and familiar faces

Though Chris Hemsworth, as usual, has a lot of fun in the title role, the film around him too often strains to provide excitement and laughs

‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Harnesses $15.7M In First Day Of Overseas Play

Marvel's Thor: Love And Thunder follows in the footsteps of the much-loved Thor: Ragnarok. Both directed by Taika Waititi, offer a lighthearted take on the godlike superhero, played by Chris Hemsworth

In the mid-credits scene, Zeus (Russell Crowe) is lamenting his defeat at Thor’s hands to his assembled admirers