Best Project Ideas for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Most Profitable business ideas


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How to make money from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) or we can say, with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning how we can make money in 2020. In this article we will cover best application ideas for start-ups which will help to make money in 2021 which are based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In the recent survey, more than 74% business leaders said that Artificial Intelligence is going to be the next big thing for every business. In future AI is going to be the most advance technology as compared to other. There are more than 1 billion active IOS operating devices used by people and more than 2 billion active devices which are based on Android. This is a huge number and this number is growing rapidly. Lots of mobile based application are coming out in the market daily but this mobile application development industry has become saturated now there is need to integrate Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning with the mobile application in this saturated market and give more power to the mobile based application. Now moving further, in this article let us discuss some mobile application ideas which are based on AI and Machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

The First Idea where you can use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for mobile application development is Healthcare industry. As the year 2020 will finish, Artificial Intelligence will play a major role in health care industry. With the help of AI and ML we can analyse the patients old record and help them to serve better. AI based application can be us as a decision-making tool which can predict various problem of the patient based on his old record and suggest him better doctor to consult for the better medical treatment. Some applications based on this are already available in the market such as BillyScreen which uses AI tools, smart cameras and computer vision algorithms to detect the increased level of bilirubin in the white part of the eye. Right now, it is also used to detect critical health condition like pancreatic cancer and more. Another mobile application in the Health care industry is Redivus Health. This mobile application is used to prevent the medical data error, and this also provides medical document support in real time.

Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

The Second Idea where you can make mobile application in the field of AI and ML is by making IT Services Applications. Data is growing rapidly and with this growing data, cyber-attacks are becoming more common. I think you have not forgotten ransom-ware attack which happened recently. So how can you use AI and ML in Cyber security? There is great idea you can create AI platform and Mobile applications for IT services and security for various work-loads of computing system. With the help of proactive contextual modelling you can create a continuous feedback loop from computer to mobile application so that whenever any hacker is going to attack on the database of some it services there will be sudden notification on the mobile application. Apart from this you can use AI based on the open source frame work like Tensor flow, Caf and torch which can be useful to automate the data security at higher level. There are already companies who are working on this segment like LogRhythm which is using top end security to detect various frauds in transactions.

Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce

The Third Idea, with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, where you can earn money is by creating AI based E-commerce Application for selling products. Recently AI and ML has grown too much that they can predict your next shopping based on the earlier shopping you have done. With the help of AI and Machine Learning e-commerce companies can associate products with the right colour, shape, size and brand. Some of the big companies working on this segment are Alexa application by amazon is having an algorithm which learns from the various search which are done on it and is used to predict the next recommendation based on the previous search. In the same way you can use the AI feature to make your e commerce general application which can be used by others on their website to predict the next recommendation.

Artificial Intelligence in Energy Saving Applications

The Fourth Idea where you can use AI and ML is by creating an energy and cost saving application which is based on AI. With this new technology of AI and ML, electricity provider scan, optimize power generation, efficiency and in the future, they can predict the units of consumption by the user and optimize them. There is a mobile application called code green energy used by millions of people to save billions of dollars with its energy efficient AI enabled technology.


Artificial Intelligence Robot Your Favorite Book

The Fifth Idea is to create an AI enabled storytelling mobile application. If I ask you a question, do you like listening to stories or reading books? Trust me, lots of people will love listening to story as compared to reading the books. Today people are having a busy schedule. They don’t have time to read and mostly they spend their time in travelling. During that time, they might listen to some songs or podcast. So I have a great idea on this field, you can create an app where any person can copy paste the link which they want to read and our mobile application will be trained in such a way that it can read like a professional story teller and we can also modify our app so that it can predict user’s reading habit based on what he is listening.

Artificial Intelligence Enabled Online Recruiting Automation System

The Sixth Idea is to create an AI enabled Online Recruiting Automation Application. Now AI has become so powerful that it can easily work on the automation of various recruitment process like Screening, finding a candidate and job matching. This one is the best idea for making the mobile application. AI can focus on various other recruitment task and helps in reducing the manual efforts of recruitment by selecting the right candidate for the job. Recruitment Chabot is the best AI enabled recruitment tool that uses natural language to understand the text entered by the users. One of the main features of a recruitment chatbot is to offer real-time communication to the candidates and to schedule an interview with the recruiter. There are AI based tools that help the best recruitment channels using targeted messaging, tech-enabled automation and analytics. In the year 2021, AI-enabled recruitment marketing tools will be the best technique in order to advertise your company among job candidates.

Artificial Intelligence In Smart Conversational Interfaces

The Seventh Idea for AI and ML application is Artificial Intelligence Powered Smart Conversational Interfaces. This interactive interface, where a human can interact with the AI enabled chatbots, will respond to different questions asked by the person. Big brands such as Facebook, Amazon, Google and Microsoft are strongly focusing on building this. You can also come with this AI smart conversational application. You can check out The Starbucks iPhone mobile application which is a good example of a conversation interface that earns you rewards, allows you to interact with chat bots and can search the stores. The virtual assistant they use is My StarbucksBarista, an AI based technology that can also clarify menu items and prices.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Stock Market Prediction

The Eighth Idea for AI and ML, by which you can make money is by developing an AI Powered Market Prediction Mobile Application. Lots of people are investing in stock market but they are investing based on other people’s suggestion but if you know how to build an AI model which can predict and give suggestions whether to invest in this stock or not will make your mobile application worthy. The only thing you have to do is to train your model on the previous data of stock market so that it can make the next prediction.

Artificial Intelligence Enabled Finance and Accounting

The Ninth Idea for AI and ML mobile application from where you can earn money is by making an AI Powered Finance and Accounting based Mobile Application. AI and ML are affecting almost every industry and this fin-tech accounting is not different. They are also affected with this boom of 21st century. Today this industry is using AI and ML to make their work easier by quick data entry and reporting. The mobile application like Zero accounting mobile apps speed up the execution of financial information and send live updates on bank feeds, turnover, cash flow and do more. You can also create such application and sell it to various places.

So, these are some of the idea where you can work on and create a great application.



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