Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Next Level of Logistics and Supply Chain Automation


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The fourth Industrial Revolution is here and a new generation of machines is taking over Robotics and are becoming a key components of supply chain automation, and they will continue to transform operations in this space. The industry leaders about the next level of supply chain robotics during the 2019 Synapse Summit helped us to improve the ability of to integrate different types of technology in the manufacturing. So it’s changing all this technology coming into supply chain projections suggest that by 2021, every year 620,000 warehousing and logistics robot units will be shipped. Similarly global sales will reach 2.4 billion dollars, the same year with the rise of fourth Industrial Revolution technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Automation has become more sophisticated over the years. I Think of robotics as Artificially Intelligent. I see Artificial Intelligence as being a major Drive in the future of manufacturing car industry. It’s certainly very disruptive technology. Different types of robotic equipment are bringing new levels of efficiency to supply chain drones. RFID scanning technology can perform real-time inventory visibility and warehouses Robots operating with the goods to person function are eliminating a lot of unnecessary walking. One of the big products recently launched is badger. So badger is an automated retail robot that goes around and to retail stores and actually checks inventory levels and checks accuracy of price level, right? So if you look at that and you translate that into okay, you have an automated robot. That’s now going around the shop measuring what if the right products are on the Shelf, are they positioned correctly? Do they look right? Do they have the right price? Thanks to supply chain Robotics. More and more companies can cater to the growing demands of same day delivery purchases. Expected improvements in dexterity AI and training ability will open more opportunities for value creation. For advanced countries, that developed countries, Technology is helping us compete in a big way robots are improving the ability of businesses to innovate, deliver exceptional customer service and gain a competitive advantage for more stories on people and companies making bold impacts in our world.


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